How to get high from the game if you have
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  • Unique system of
    Register on the site, place orders, complete tasks and get dark coins, discounts, achievements. Advance the level and get additional rewards.
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    The VPN system hides the booster’s IP, which makes the boost undetectable.
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    All services on our website are confidential, and the booster plays all games only offline, hiding this fact from your friends
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    We will fulfill the order on time or refund your money.
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Unique loyalty system
Register on the website, make your first order and start a unique game in which you will receive dark coins and achievements every day and upgrade your account not only in the game, but also on our website! With each level you will find more and more pleasant gifts, discounts and even free pumping!
Flexible calculator will help you accurately calculate the price in a couple of clicks
Select your current and desired rank / level. Use additional services, make your order as comfortable as possible. Don't forget to use promotional codes for the discount! P.S. We have one for you right now (Go to the chat for details)
Chat, progress bar, and full control of your order
Communicate directly with the booster online, track daily progress and set order on pause when you need it
Get a guaranteed reward
We have developed a unique loyalty system - join our club!
  • Dark
    A unique currency on the site, which you can get for any action on the site - for placing an order, getting an achievement/level, completing a task. Accumulate coins and receive a boost for free
  • Experience
    Experience similar to the experience in the game. For any action on the site - for placing an order, obtaining achievements, completing tasks, you will receive experience. Upgrade your level on the site and get the maximum discount for each order
  • Achievements
    A unique system of achievements on the site. Unlock as many achievements as you can and get unique discounts and offers.
  • Ranks
    Similar to any game, the higher your rank, the stronger your character. With us, the higher your rank, the more comfortable and cheaper our service will become for you. Improve your rank and feel changes already at the rank 2 - Bronze
  • Expansion
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    Every day Dark coins are credited to your virtual wallet for free, until it is full. Increase the capacity of your wallet! Manage to pick up the reward regularly to get the maximum number of coins.
  • cashback
    For each of your orders, in addition to experience, you will be credited with % of the order in the form of dark coins
  • discount
    Unique system of discounts on the site. You get a discount for your current rank and using promo codes.
How it works?
  • 1
    the game
  • 2
  • 3
    order settings
  • 4
  • 5
    Select booster
  • 6
    Get bonuses
1 step
First of all, select your game and service for it. Using a flexible calculator, you will be able to see the cost of your order and order completion time, as well as what rewards will be credited to your account.
2 step
Join our club, register on the site and receive awards every day. Use dark coins to pay for boosting. If you do not want to receive the benefits of our club, just place an order as a guest.
3 step
Configure your order as you wish, order additional services, provide us your game account credentials, leave a comment with your wishes and everything that might be of concern during the order execution process
4 step
Pay your order in a convenient way and get your first achievement <<Pioneer>>
5 step
After payment, a personal manager is assigned to the order. We will be happy to answer all your questions and solve any problem or request. A booster will be selected for you exclusively according to your requests for a 100% result.
6 step
Get rewards for each order and actions on the website, exchange them for dark coins and receive services on our website for free or with a huge discount!
  • 3645
    We countdown from the first day we started doing the boost to the present day, and we display this number
    Days we boost
  • 12056
    We take from the base the sum of all Dark coins that our clients have earned from all our services, and display this number
    Dark coins earned by our clients
  • 49675
    We take from our database the sum of accumulated EXP of all our clients and display this number.
    EXP gained by our clients  it provides professional services on boosting in online games.

We offer our services to those who do not want to needlessly expend their time and nerves, self-boosting character, develop skills and spend months of your life to the epic achievements. We provide fast and completely safe result.

We have been working well coordinated, professional and quite a large team so that we can ensure the shortest possible implementation  time of any orders at a low price - it quickly does not mean expensive.

Games is a captivated and time-consuming process.  But not all the players are ready to give dozens of hours a week in order to be able to try out the high-level league, or to get to the top of the rankings. Family or a demanding job may limit the time you can spend in the game. Therefore, you need our help, if you want to try out all the features of the game, to fight with the most serious opponents and not stagnate for months at the bottom of the rating or playing on the low-level league. Our service boosting accounts will be useful to those who do not have a lot of free time, but want to try out all the features of the game.

Functionality of our service in the most convenient for the customer. It is quite easy to by  boosting  service at our website. We know what is important for you and we consider all your needs.

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