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  • Could i play during boost?
    Yes, you can. When ordering a service, indicate in the comments the time when you plan to play (you and the booster, at the same time, can't be under the same account). Also keep in mind that it will take us more time to complete the order.
  • Could I play rated games during the boost?
    No, you can’t play rated games during the boost, otherwise we will be forced to cancel the order.
  • Can I replace the booster if it does not suit me?
    Yes, let us know by e-mail or chat, and we will solve the problem.
  • How to find out the answer to a question that is not in the FAQ section?
    You can use our livechat or ask a question in the form on the contact page. We are in touch 24/7
  • How do I know that my order is completed?
    You will receive a notification of completion of the order to your specified mail.
  • How to place an order if my account does not have a division?
    You need to play the qualification series or order it from us in the section "Qualification games".
  • How many games will be played on my account per day?
    The booster will play a minimum of 10 games per day, and with the option selected "2x speed" 20+ games per day.
  • Can I play with the booster?
    Yes, if you select the option “Play with a booster” when placing an order.