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  • Q:

    What if the guarantee of winning at 70% is not perform?

    You will receive your rank anyway (no less than 70% of the winnings). Booster will boost your rating to the desired one by free of charge.
  • Q:

    Can I play other games on my Steam account?

    You can play other games on Steam except Dota2.
  • Q:

    How to place my order if my account does not have MMR?

    You need to play a qualification series of games or order it from us in the "Calibration" section.
  • Q:

    What if I want to increase the team MMR, and not solo?

    Please indicate this in comments.
  • Q:

    Can you clear up the new ranking system in Dota 2?

    The last update of Dota 2 introduced the “seasons”. At the end of the season you will get a medal for the highest MMR of the season.
  • Q:

    What is Calibration?

    Calibration is a service that allows you to get a rank depending on the number of wins (at least 70% of wins on the number of games played)