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  • At least 10 games per day
  • OFFLINE mode while the boost
  • 24/7 Support
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  • Configure the options of services you want to order via the calculator.
  • Click "Register" and you will be redirected to the order confirmation page.
  • Click "Buy" and select method of payment
  • Your order is placed
    confirmation letter will come to your mail.
  • Q:

    Does the booster chat with people from my friends list?

    No, he is forbidden to do this. He can either ignore messages or go offline. If you have special wishes - you can describe them in the order comment.
  • Q:

    How can I get the answer a question that is not in the FAQ section?

    You can use our livechat or write a question in the form on the contact page. We are in touch 24/7
  • Q:

    How do I know that my order is completed?

    You will receive a notification by mail.
  • Q:

    Can I play other games on my Battlenet account?

    No, it would be best not to play other games until we finish.
  • Q:

    When the season starts and finishes in Hearthstone?

    The season lasts one month. Please note that you need to place an order at least 2 days before the end of the season.
  • Q:

    How about my rank at Hearthstone?

    The booster will always play around rank 15. After he reaches rank 10, he will lose several games and drop to rank 15, then play again to rank 10. It will be repeated until 500 wins are reached.