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  • Are my Steam items protected?
    Yes reserved. Steam Trading / Market is closed for the booster, as it enters your Steam account from a new location and this blocks the market for 7 days.
  • What if I don’t want my friends to see you play?
    While the booster plays he is offline in Steam chat. If you want the booster to be online, let us know in the order comment
  • Can I play other games on my Steam account?
    You can play other games on Steam except Dota2.
  • How to place an order if my account does not have MMR?
    You need to play a qualification series of games or order it from us in the "Calibration" section.
  • What if I want to increase the team MMR, and not solo?
    Please indicate this in the order comment.
  • Can you talk about the new ranking system in Dota 2?
    Yes, with the new update Dota 2 introduced the seasons, at the end of the season you will be awarded a medal for the highest MMR of the season.